Export Process

ThaiFarmFresh/Export Process

Export Process

All of our fruit products come from professionally managed orchards that are recognized by Thailand’s Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives for maintaining the highest export-quality standards.


Selection, quality control and packaging

We only ever select A Grade fruit; simply the best there is. We deal directly with the growers, who know that we never compromise on quality standards. We believe that maintaining these standards is the only way to uphold our high reputation as an exporter.

After it is picked, each piece of fruit is meticulously inspected and cleaned. This is then backed up by a steam-disinfection process in which the fruit is subjected to temperatures of 47°C for 20 minutes to ensure there is no invisible infection by microbes or insects.

After being weighed, the fruit is then boxed and marked with serial numbers, our trademark, and the date on which it was picked. In the case of larger pieces of fruit, such as mangoes, pomelos, coconuts and durian, these may be weighed and labeled individually before being packed.


Exporting process

For the short time between packaging and delivery, our fruit is kept in chillers at 13-15°C, to ensure freshness and a maximum shelf-life for our retail customers. Our fruit is then transported by chilled vehicles to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport where it is loaded directly on to aircraft for the fastest possible delivery