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Fresh Cut Durian


Category: Fresh Fruits

“FRESH CUT DURIAN” is Simply the BEST Because of TFF’s Meticulous Process and Extreme Care.

Durians are Picked at the Right Time, When They have the Best Flavour. The Fruit are Confirmed Ripe and Ready, After a Water-Weight Loss of 10-15% Due to Natural Vaporization. Durian peeled off. Then the Highest Quality Durian Meat is Selected. Those Pieces That are Not Sweet Enough, Where the rix test is low, are Rejected. Those Pieces that are too Hard or Too Ripe are Rejected. About 10-15% of the Fruit is Lost. Then, About 10% of the Meat is Lost Because it Won’t Fit in the Containers. After These Stages, Only About 15-20% of the Original Durian is Good Enough for TFF’s Customers.

Durian is often regarded as the ‘King’ of tropical fruits. But choosing fruit that is sure to be ripe, avoiding poor quality or damaged fruit and extracting the succulent flesh from the tough, spikey rind is difficult and time-consuming. ThaiFarmFresh does all of the cutting, chooses the finest pieces – even tests them for sweetness – and packages fresh durian ready for the table. Overseas consumers pay for nothing more than the delightful edible part of the fruit. Moreover, its shelf life is extended for as long as 15 days by a special protective technology. ThaiFarmFresh brings new meaning to the word ‘fresh’ with its ‘Fresh CUT’ Durian.

Product Type: Tropical Fruit
Type: Durian
Style: Fresh
Cultivation Type: Common
Variety: Monthong (Golden Pillow)
Certification: HACCP, GMP, GAP
Place of Origin: Chantaburi, Rayong, Sisaket (Thailand)
Grade: Premium
Available Season:
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Peak Period     Normal Period
Shelf Life: 15 days
Packing & Material: Food Grade Pet
Net Weight: 1 Foam Box Size L = 7.7 Kg
1 Foam Box Size S = 4.7 Kg
Gross Weight: 1 Foam Box Size L = 13.5 Kg.
1 Foam Box Size S = 8.5 Kg.
Fruit Size:: Pet Box Size L = 400-450 g. / 1 Foam Box Size L Contains 18 Pet Box Size L
Pet Box Size S = 300-350 g. / 1 Foam Box Size S Contains 18 Pet Box Size S
Minimum Order: 500 Pet Boxes
Container Setting: Temp.+5-10°C
Loading Type and Quantity(Box): Air Freight