Fresh Mangosteen

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Category: Fresh Fruit

The purple Mangosteen, with its delicate, enticing flesh, has long been one of the most expensive and unobtainable tropical fruits. Availability is no longer a problem, although the fruit is best when eaten soon after harvest. The sweet and sour, tangy flavor of the white segmented flesh has made it hotly sought-after, although its nutrition qualities are relatively modest. Various stories, including its crown-like appearance and reports that Queen Victoria of England once offered a huge reward for supplies of the fruit, have led to the Mangosteen being known as ‘The Queen of Fruits’.

Product Type: Tropical Fruit
Type: Mangosteen
Style: Fresh
Cultivation Type: Common
Varitey: -
Certification:  GMP, GAP
Place of Origin: Chantaburi, Thailand
Grade: Premium
Available Season: March through October
Peak Period: May - July
Shelf Life: 10 Days after its Mature
Packing ฿ Material: Plastic Basket with Cover
Net Weight: 8.0 Kg/Boxes
Gross Weight: 9.0 kg/Boxes
Fruit Size: 70-80+ Gram per Piece
Fresh Mangosteen
Size of Mangosteen
QC Mangosteen for Export
Packaging Mangosteen
Price: 20-35 USD/Basket
Minimum Order: 125 Basket
Container Setting: Temp.+12-15 ℃ / Vent 40% / Keep refrigerated at +12-15 ℃
Loading Type and Quantity(Box): 20 Reefer / 40 Reefer Container